Impression, Sunrise

Impressions of today

  • Elderly man at Ballarat Station in shorts, sandals and socks. First thoughts were: English tourist or just badly dressed?
  • Friendly and helpful assistant at Coles at Melbourne Central- nice way to start the day!
  • Lunch with PS at Postal Hall, catching up on Christmas and New Year shenanigans.
  • Four year old girls dressed as Ballerinas in pink after having gone to see Angelina Ballerina (I know this because I read the what’s on and in anticipation of a similar fixation to appear in Miss BG, who can act like a prima ballerina at times…)
  • Pregnant ladies, some aglow, some looking quite weary. I spent summer 2005 in my third trimester with Master BG, so my sympathies go out to you ladies. (NB- am definitely NOT clucky!)
  • Couples, either holding hands, arms around waists or even just a protective hand on the back while crossing the street. Not overt Public Displays of Affection, but nice to see. Appealed to my romantic touchy-feely side. (Am thinking I may need to pull out “Love Actually” tonight…)
  • Lack of cafes open round Treasury Precinct- prevented from my 3pm caffeine fix- gah!
  • Sunny sky out my window

Lots of reasons to smile about today.


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