Back in the saddle

Amazing what a break from work, eating and drinking lots, and not going anywhere near a computer for a couple of days can do- put on a couple of pounds, missed the whole drama of the Detroit Bomber, the death of Roland S. Howard, and very nearly the surprise visit of Miss Jenelle!

On the plus side, I read three books, read dozens of kids books to the children, watched The Tudors on DVD and generally spent some quality time with Family Bookgrrl.

Did I get away with my no email, facebook, twitter and blog until today? Well…not exactly. I checked my email after a couple of days, when I got back from my Christmas road trip, my facebook was checked on the 29th, surreptitiously via my mobile, but twitter and my blog remained blissfully untouched!

So back in the blogging saddle…

I like looking at images of cold places on a hot day– it’s my ice cream for the mind. Be careful of the brain freeze though…

I may never become a web designer extraordinaire, but there are a couple of good usability resources listed that are inexpensive and applicable for web content managers here, there, and everywhere.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to clean up my clutter (not looking at anyone…well I wish Mr BG would take the hint) here are some tips on reducing your book collections from authors and a bookseller. Some are decidedly tongue in cheek, but the tip that resonates with me is if you live to be 100, will you read this book again? In our case, it’s not so much the books we have read, but the books we have never read- which are quite a few. Maybe my NY resolution is to read all the books I have brought into the house that I have yet to read- as well as do a book cull *rubs hands with glee*.

And finally 85 reasons to be thankful for librarians– with no 6. Girls with glasses can still rock the “sexy librarian” look 🙂

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