Herding Cats

I had been trying to write this post for 3 hours while being inundated with requests to get me dressed, I want a biscuit,I want a nectarine,  and for kisses and cuddles, the last which is very hard to ignore and turn down :). At one stage I had Miss BG is sitting on my knee singing while I typed. I saved it for another day, which is today!

I’ll bet there is a library database for it!– a great clip advertising library databases in a public library. I was involved with databases in a previous position when I worked at the State Library of Victoria,and still have a soft spot for their great, targeted content.

Movie Poster re-designs– a look at 70 years of movie posters and how their design has evolved. Great to look at from a design/readability perspective.

Does the ‘fold’ matter? According to the article, after heaps of user testing, the fold on a web page is not a barrier to information further down the page. People do scroll- apparently…(Yes just a tad sceptical!)

Factors that affect usability– love this article and the resources it leads to. It looks at navigation, content above the fold, accessibility, typography, analytics and errors.

100 essential websites– the Guardian has put a list together of what every geek should be aware. Tres cool!

And it’s official- I am a geek A fellow geek has compiled a series of categories, obsessions, activities, terms, and idols onto a Master Diagram of Geek Culture, of which I can identify all too closely…

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