Jingle bells, Batman Smells

Master BG has started singing the alternate version of Jingle Bells, Miss BG just wants to rip the wrapping off the presents, and I’m STILL looking for the perfect prestn for my mum. It must be Christmas…

Santa’s emailing now!– if you send Santa using this form, he will send back a response :).

Watch virtual Santa– much in the same way as a virtual librarian, Santa will answer the tough questions like “Will you be able to fit down the chimney?”

Gifts for the librarian in your life– from the Librarian in Black and can be purchased from Etsy. (BTW, this librarian is fine for Etsy stuff)

And if you’re interested in getting Bookgrrl a present… 🙂

Melbourne: Marvellous to Modern(of course it’s a book!)

A voucher for Smitten Kitten

Somebody make Senator Conroy come to his senses and can this mandatory internet filtering nonsense


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