You got to know when fold ’em

When I first started in my position, I was  given the task of finalising a “meta” tool which allowed people to view items of interest selected from inhouse databases based upon particular subjects. I named it, helped launch it and market it, as well as monitoring its use and performance.

This tool was an interim measure to us developing a metasearch facility to allow users to search across all our databases.  It has continued despite our acquiring a metasearch facility (an out of the box product which was never popular and eventually canned)- but we recently have a inhouse metasearch facility in beta mode- known as the beta meta :).

It has proven popular with users, despite efforts from some to bury it on our site. It comes up for review and is allowed to tick on. What did worry me was when the head librarian, who has been with the organisation for over 2 1/2 years, expressed little knowledge of its purpose and whether or not it should continue. While it was defended by myself and a number of staff, it did leave me wondering.

At what point do you walk away from something which you have worked upon and supported in your job? It can be hard to feel professionally detached from projects in which you have invested so many work hours. And I have been known to get immersed in a situation where my heart overrules my head.

Part of the challenge is that as a part-time employee, my role has switched to short-term projects. A lot of the work I previously used to do is now done by someone else. While it is no longer my responsibility, I still feel responsible for it.

Another thing to ponder…


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