Bits and pieces

A workshop on effective web searching and deep web for library staff, most of whom are uber-web searchers anyway. Talk about pressure…Luckily we were able to wow them with a preview of the new Google interface. You can try it out here

Am quite glad this flowchart on becoming a librarian was not available when I was in library school- I think my career path would be quite different. Either that, or I would have had to acquire a lots of cats..

As I’m old enough to know a time before the World Wide Web, this article on the evolution of web design is more of a walk down memory lane.

I just found out the library Christmas lunch has been rescheduled to this Friday- already jampacked with Master BG’s Christmas party at kinder and my little brother’s birthday party in the evening. The rescheduling rigmarole is exactly the same as last year- no sooner would I be able to confirm babysitting arrangements for a day then it would be changed. Not happy Jan, not happy…

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