Do ya think I’m sexy?

Cindy Crawford hopes she is still considered sexy at 43 and would rather be a MILF than a cougar according to this article.

As a former supermodel, who survived on her looks and her physique to earn a living, she is being honest about how growing older makes her feel less attractive. If your attractiveness is an inherent part of who you are, its loss would be keenly felt. It is also quite humanising that here is an incredible looking womanwho suffers from insecurities like the rest of we mortals. Still, aspiring to be called a MILF (euphemistically called in the article as a “sexy woman who has children” or a Mom I’d Like to Fuck) feels a tad…shallow.

I asked a couple of gentlemen of my acquaintance if they knew of sexy older women (that is, women older than themselves). Cindy Crawford was deemed hot, as was Helen Mirren. Both were at a loss to define sexiness, no doubt due to its subjectivity (what one man finds sexy another may not). There may be more aspects to a woman’s sexiness apart from her looks- intelligence, personality may be factors which are considered.

Another aspect  with which I took issue was Crawford’s reliance on others to give herself validation. Perhaps she ought to stop thinking about how people see her and become comfortable in her own skin, do stuff for herself, and enjoy life and all it brings.

Off to bed methinks and grab some beauty sleep- we mortals need as much as we can get :)…


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