All I’m asking for is a little Respect

A busy day involving the gym,  paying bills, posting parcels and taking the kids to the playground. I managed to read a chapter of my project management text for my exam on Thursday (yay me!). I also baked banana and choc chip muffins, which are pretty irresistible, especially fresh out of the oven. So not really a lot of time to peruse my usual online haunts, but a lot of time to think and ponder about life, people, the universe and those perennial questions, what’s for tea and what to wear tomorrow?

This has had me thinking for much of the day- the use of the word ’empower’ . From the Pussycat Dolls ’empowering’ woman to embrace their sexuality through looking like a stripper (great role model for girls BTW), to the former Hi5 singer who stripped for a Australian men’s magazine, I think it means to reclaim what was rejected by previous generations of feminists, which was femininity.

The bra-burning of the 1960s-70s was done to reclaim the natural body shape of a woman, and the fact it also coincided with the hippie movement probably started the whole hirsute feminist stereotype.  Combined with a radicalisation of some aspects of feminism which saw the rejection of men and sex perceived as wrong, gave feminism a really bad name.

It also created a lot of angst and confusion amongst women who like guys, who are mothers, and who enjoy dressing up- tick, tick and tick!I am happy to call myself a feminist, and am thankful for those who campaigned long and hard for equal right, equal pay, and things as mundane as maternity leave. These victories gave women today a greater choice in what they decide to do with their lives, even though we may not necessarily agree with their decisions. I just hope that young girls ’empowering’ themselves don’t end up where their grandmothers were- being defined wholly as an appendage.

This is all conjecture on my part, and am happy to discuss this further with any of you

I should really show this to Mr BG- the Pew Interent Project have asserted that new technologies increase our social interactions, not isolate us.I must admit, using Twitter and Facebook keeps me in contact with past work colleagues who have moved away, friendships have been made and re-established, and it’s been funny just how many breaking stories I have read thanks to Twitter! Mr BG is more of a fan- it’s his way of keeping in contact with his fans…

Heading off to bed to curl up with my project management book- yeah just confirmed all those library nerd stereotypes :).



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