I(don’t) like Mondays

Actually I don’t mind Mondays. I look forward to getting dressed up in something other than jeans and tshirt, putting makeup on and reading the paper uninterrupted while the train hurtles me toward Melbourne. I get to hop off at Melbourne Central and walk a little bit further to work to enjoy the early morning. I look forward to morning tea with my colleagues where we discuss all and sundry (a wedding theme this morning). I also enjoy my work- a tad unusual, but there you go :).

What I don’t like is stupidity. Users who have no clue as to what they want, except they want reams of paper faxed to them, or sent via express post from Canberra. I detest interfaces such as the Commonwealth Parliament’s Hansard which is slow, hard to search and displays in PDF. I am thankful for the lovely people at Open Australia whose aim is to make it easy for people to keep tabs on their representatives in Federal Parliament- and what’s more they’re volunteers!

I’m also not a big fan of moustaches- there- it’s out. I know it’s Movember, and I have donated to my lovely little bro A, and P.S. for their moustaches, but it’s as much to get them to shave them off as it is for men’s health and depression.  Whenever Mr BG has worn the mo ( usually when he has been sick for an extended period and there has been no need to shave),it has not been an enjoyable experience. It is difficult to feel amorous when you are kissing bristles. Yet perversely, that is when he is more than happy to kiss me! There is only one place where moustaches are acceptable and that is the 1970s, preferably a cricket field…



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