It makes me wonder…

…What treasures other libraries have stored- the New York Public Library has amongst its collection 40,000 menus, the original Winnie the Pooh, as well as hair from the heads of Charlotte Brontë, Walt Whitman, Mary Shelley and Wild Bill Hickok. And then I saw a an exhibiton at the SLV on shopping!

…Sometimes I think it may have been better if we had used Drupal instead of Joomla! as our CMS for our new website, if a recent article in the Library Journal is anything to go by.
…If I’ll ever finish my Masters.

…If  I’ll get the hang of Google Wave…

…If guys actually notice things like clothes, new haircuts…

…Why I take things to heart, like a rushed lunch date.

Would love to chat more, but have a million and one things to do- currently the story of my life 😛


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