Just like spring rain

Our house is on a narrow allotment, about 10 metres wide and 50 metres deep, with a slope. From our back deck we can see into a few of our neighbour’s yards. With the advent of summer though, the trees begin to get leafy again which affords a modicum of privacy. The huge trees next door also afford us shade in the back yard in the afternoon. In some ways it feels as if our neighbours are sharing their garden with us.

view of backyard from garden deck

As I have said in a previous post, our garden was landscaped about 15 years ago. Just as houses often hold the personality of their previous inhabitants, so too does a garden.

There are aspects that will be eventually changed- ie would prefer brick paving over gravel- but that can wait for the moment.

We did a really hard prune of all our rose bushes in July and it’s amazing just how they have sprung into life. We haven’t watered them, yet they are thriving with the good spring rain we had.

My favourite part of the garden, would have to be the row of silver birches at the end of the garden.

silver birches in backyardThey make a lovely screen, and are incredibly restful to gaze upon when I come back from work, sink into a deck chair and watch the kids play in the sand pit.

With the warmer weather, most of our evenings are spent here, relaxing and enjoying the serenity 🙂


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