Take my breath away

I remember being called into the lounge room 20 years ago to watch TV. Huge crowds of people were streaming through a checkpoint in a country halfway across the world. The Berlin Wall was coming down and I was watching it with everyone else in the world. I just remember feeling chills up and down my spine- this was HUGE.

I was in my first year of my Arts degree and as chance would have it, studying German. My German teacher was estatic with the news unfolding, and I think my French teachers were happy for their German counterparts, but somewhat cautious of what the future would bring. I think in many ways the advent of the European Union has meant that the prosperity of Germany has meant prosperity for Europe.

At the time in 1989, I was also studying Jewish History- I could not help but wonder about another event which had taken place 51 years earlier in 1938- Kristallnacht. It seems as if 9/11 is a momentous date both in Europe as well as the United States.

Another momentous occasion this week with the passage in the House of Representatives of the Healthcare Legislation . The first I learned of it was the tweet I received from @Jenelle. A truly joyous occasion, and one I hope is repeated in the Senate.


One thought on “Take my breath away

  1. Guten abend 🙂

    I was also studying German when the wall came down, and I remember how happy my German teacher was! We were learning about the country’s history and culture at the time, so we very aware of what a significant event had taken place.

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