This made me giggle- Baby Einstein DVDs are no longer deemed educational and Disney are offering parents their money back.  One book I read while he was a baby (and I read a few!) was Einstein never used flash cards, which talks about the value of play and speaks against the push to hothouse kids. That pretty much reinforced what I learned at school (Human Development, year 11- probably the most useful subject I ever did!). I have never worried about their academic prowess- they have enough relatives who are teachers and librarians for parents!

While protective of my little ones, I have never been tempted to buy headguards for babies to avoid bumps on heads. It smacks of wrapping them in cotton wool a tad…

I am tempted by the Halloween schtick- I certainly know Master BG is. He had a hankering for getting dressed up as a pirate and was sorely disappointed when his sword broke. Negotiations are underway for a kids Halloween party next year to be held during the day. Considering that both myself and Mr BG are of Celtic descent, it would be regarded as fitting…who am I kidding- it would be a great way to scare the bejesus out of the kids :).


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