I am just a girl

A beautiful sunny spring day, with a hint of warmth. A perfect day to spend lunch outside in the Treasury Gardens, eating some Japanese takeaway and reading Swedish crime.

It’s a bestseller by Stieg Larsson, but sometimes I feel I am losing something in the translation. Does every 45 year old journalist have celebrity rock star status, thus having women throw themselves at him? Is Sweden really a hotbed of of sexually depraved men whose sole pleasure is to demean and abuse women? The only redeeming feature is a central female character who occasionally takes the law into her own hands in an unorthodox fashion.

This afternoon was spent looking in depth at the new CMS which will be driving the new website for my workplace. The demonstrator was quite nice, but a little under-prepared; he had done much of the graphics on the site, but not a lot of the content structure, which was the purpose of the meeting.

When demonstrating the WYSIWYG features of entering the content he switched over to HTML and was AMAZED to learn we were all familiar with it.  Friends would know I don’t like to be underestimated, nor taken for a fool, or worse, an idiot. Yes we brunettes can have spacey moments, but it’s more to do with sleep deprivation than anything else. Having breasts does not lower my IQ…


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