I’m stranded

Wednesday is the day the boss appears in my workspace, which is quite distant from the actual library. She works from a ‘hot desk’ on that day in order to get away from construction work currently going on outside her office window. Another manager has also appeared, presumably to get away from the noise. Given this is a busy week for us, his presence as  a senior reference librarian is needed more in the library than here. Needless to say, the atmosphere is quieter than normal. So far the only comic relief has been observing the  two senior managers’ attempts to pick up phone calls.

An interesting look at the distinction between user experience and information architecture-I just wish I had been at this workshop.

Usability testing demystifiedhaving done and seen it done, it’s always good to get people’s perspective on the process.

How keywords determine site architecture – another way to look at constructing an information architecture.

And I am sure there are stories out in libraryland to match these . The stories I could tell about Laurence the demon spawn and his mother, or the guy known as the poo-man would make your stomach curdle.

I have two more subjects to complete for my Masters and am leaning towards more web related subjects namely web usability and web design. It would more or less consolidate what I know. Another option is Social Networking for Information Professionals, which feels like going on Facebook and Twitter for my course- Mr Bookgrrl would NEVER buy that …:)


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