You had a busy day today

The house is back to its normal, noisy, chaotic self. Master and Miss BG arrived back from their weekend with nana and papa in Geelong looking suitably tidy and coiffed (Master BG had his hair cut by nana). It was relaxing and quiet, but I am happy to see my munchkins again.

Mr BG and I ate out at Eclectic Tastes on Friday night, took a day trip to Daylesford in Saturday, chilled out on the couch watching Mad Men on DVD and slept in on Sunday.

I also took a break from the online world and feel all the better for it. The batteries are recharged for another week of work, kinder runs, swimming lessons and study.

And in other news, welcome to the world Bede Challis, born Sunday 4 October 2009 in Leongatha, weighing 8lbs 7oz (am a metric girl, but still find the imperial weights more accurate regarding birth weight).  He is the younger brother of Steele and his dad is Mr Bookgrrl’s best mate.

This is what I call karma– have always thought Wayne Carey was a tool and clearly the US Immigration Service think the same way too.

I have been here and know all about people who build sites and not living in the real world.

A lovely little idea from ALIA regarding public libraries

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