True Faith

A busy day on the desk, wading through youth crime statistics, electricity assets, and sister cities. Information requests are never straightforward, nor are they inherently easy.

My Facebook status describes my religion as happily lapsed (Catholic- there are probably others who have lapsed, but it always seems to be Catholic).  I should also say hypcritically lapsed, as my last two ventures into a church were for the children’s christenings done largely at the behest of my parents, and on my part in a superstitious belief of protection (Irish Catholicism does have a superstitious angle to it :)). Both times were like coming home to your parent’s house- it felt comfortable and familiar, yet after five minutes you felt constricted and vaguely uncomfortable, as if you have outgrown it. I say all this because this article reinforces the convictions I have about Catholicism.

While the term Catholic means ‘universal’, the Church seems to be hell-bent on continuing to exclude people from their ‘range of services’ on the basis of sex, sexuality, marital and parental status and gender identity.

Denis Hart, the Archbishop of Melbourne argues this discrimination is needed in order to preserve the quality services the Church provide.

First of all, there is a focus on services rather than faith- you’re supposed to be a church, not a business. And quality services? The church does not have the monopoly on quality. Both children were born in the public system and we received a great level of care from doctors and fantastic support from midwives. The primary school we want to send the children to is a local state school with a great reputation.

By excluding, you’re turning people away, which is not particularly Christian is it?

Okay, rant over- here endeth the lesson!


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