Food for thought

A relaxing day- morning tea with the mum’s group, domestic chores of kitchen, bathroom and laundry, followed by a peruse online of the news and RSS feeds.

Here are the 50 best dishes in Melbourne according to The Age’s food critics.

The seven stages of user frustration, as modelled by 6mth old Grace.

Two worthy items of note:
1. Love the laptop!
2. Just goes to show that no matter how old or young you are, usability is paramount

I don’t think my kids were ever on the computer at that age, but sometimes I’m away for a couple of minutes and come back to this…

Miss BG at the PC

Miss BG at the PC

Sorry, just wanted an excuse to show her off :).

10 Useful usability findings and guidelines

To some it may be telling someone how to suck eggs but they’re worth repeating, if only to your boss

1.Form labels work best above the fields
2.Users focus on faces
3.Quality of design is an indicator of credibility
4.Most users do not scroll
5.Blue is the best colour for links (totally agree with this one- our last iteration of our intranet had the links as red to fit in with the branding of the site- cheesed me off to no end)
6.The ideal search box is 27 characters wide (actually pretty good- my rule of thumb is if I can type my name, approx 20 characters, comfortably it’s long enough)
7. White space improves comprehension
8. Effective user testing doesn’t have to be extensive (5 users can find 85% of issues, which Jakob Nielsen has been saying for 20 years)
9. Informative product pages help you stand out
10. Most users are blind to advertising (yet that never seemed to stop people clicking on advertising when I used to teach internet classes for seniors eons ago…)

Afternoon cuppa beckons…


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