to market, to market

Our library’s Twitter feed draws closer to a reality. There will be a ‘soft launch’ in the next few days, with announcements in  the staff newsletter, library site and a widget on the library site to display the tweets. My team at work will be administering the account, but tweets may come from interested library tweeters.

A recent post had me discussing the concept of marketing ourselves to a restricted clientele. This, combined with some recent posts by librarians about marketing in libraries, has gotten me thinking further about marketing in our library. More question have abounded for me to ponder.

  • The name of marketing? There is a cynical part of me which thinks that marketing is no more than a ‘rebranding’ of the efforts we already do, but with a bit of spit and polish and business-speak.
  • What takes priority- the marketing, or the service it is marketing? There are times I think there is a greater focus on the means of communication than the service itself.
  • Who should be responsible? I agree with the posts in that more than one person should be responsible for marketing a library’s services. For us, we have no dedicated marketing unit. There is a Client Support Unit which undertake training activities and organise visits to our clients who are in offices remote from the CBD. These visits are undertaken by those library staff interested in travelling and promoting our services. Our intranet and website is updated by my team. The group of people who came together to discuss the Twitter account today were drawn from units across the library. All these activities are aligned with our operational plan for the library which is developed with consultation from staff and the library manager.

Ok that’s my rant over for the moment. Right now I would like to find a way to market bedtime to two under-5s, one of whom enjoys getting out of bed…

By the way… I am also the winner of a 2006 Best’s Bin 1 Shiraz courtesy of PS. It will be savoured, just like the Cats victory in the Grand Final 🙂


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