I don’t mind (really!)

I have a number of people express sympathy at the amount of time I spend in travelling to work- about 90 minutes one way. While I do sometimes harbour a fantasy of living in Richmond should I win tattslotto, in all honesty it’s not that bad. The country trains are comfortable, clean and you are  guaranteed a seat about 99% of the time. It is also time I can spend reading, listening to music, texting, studying, or simply looking out the window and pondering life and what it would be like to actually live in Richmond :).

Commuting distances is not new to me. I spent my uni years commuting from Geelong to Melbourne on the train and spent half of that time doing my homework (the other half was spent looking out the window).  When I was living in Melbourne and commuting to the CBD, 30 minutes was a breeze, and made all the more enjoyable for having a book handy or watching the world go by.

Latest books I have read while on the train include Dan Brown’s latest The Lost Symbol. My reaction was ‘meh’. It was a bit of a page turner at the end, but in all honesty it was a book I could pick up and put down without any pangs of remorse. Mr Bookgrrl noted this and asked why bother? My answer was I need to know how bad this is. It was ok- but his other books are better and he really should have retired Robert Langdon.

Apply within: tales of career sabotage by Michaela McGuire- much more readable than Dan Brown. It tells of the career experiences of a journalist in jobs in cafes, casino and as the electorate officer of a federal MP.  It made you ponder just how much work is actually done at work! Also shorter and easier to read on a train, as well as a good size to pop into a handbag.

Next two books involve project management and Perl- back to the studies *sigh*…


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