Running up that hill

There are several suburbs in Ballarat which have the word Mount or Hill in their name- Soldier’s Hill, Black Hill, Brown Hill, Mount Pleasant, Mount Clear. This makes for fun and games when I do bootcamp.

I did my first bootcamp in April last year and enjoyed the chance to exercise outside. It usually involves a lot of running, pushups, lunges and then more running. Ballarat is blessed with parks and running tracks and hills :).

Saturday’s session involved running up Brown Hill- twice. The reward was getting up to the top of the hill and checking out the view of bushland, the freeway and feeling the fresh air fill your lungs. I may have tweeted I kicked ass, but this morning, it feels like it was my own ass that was kicked. I feel sore, but in a good way.

The soreness was alleviated by an amble around the Daylesford market  today and a latte, followed by a picnic lunch down by Lake Daylesford, which, unlike my local lake, is full of water. But that is another story…

One thought on “Running up that hill

  1. I think you are doing that bootcamp for me as well – that’s why you ache so bad.
    I love our hilly places. Yep get that good air in your lungs before work in Melbourne.

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