I go ahead and smile

A few reasons why I’m smiling today

  • Mr Bookgrrl making me a cup of tea without being asked.
  • After a couple of sunny days, the rain is back- but it’s a spring rain, with the days getting warmer and longer.
  • The kids playing well together with home made playdoh.
  • The smell of freshly-baked bread from the bakery and the sales assistant giving me a couple of mini muffins free for being patient while she helped another customer.
  • Going into my lovely library and finding new releases on the shelving cart (yes the library nerd coming out in me!).
  • Friends. They may think I’m on crack because I’m quoting Van Morrison, but they’re all lovely, especially when they don’t remark on my appalling skills with dumplings and chopsticks :).

I am looking forward to Saturday for two reasons:

1. My footy team Geelong plays Collingwood in the preliminary final, with the winner progressing to the Grand Final next week. The two played each other in a preliminary final in 2007, with Geelong going on to win the Grand Final. I am hoping this means history will repeat itself.

2. It is Talk like a Pirate Day. Routinely celebrated at work, it is falling on a Saturday. I think we’ll play dressups with the kids…


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