Tweet, Tweet!

A bit has happened since I last blogged about the joys of my existence:).

  • I finished my assignment- yay!
  • I started boot camp- yeah I know, I’m a glutton for punishment…
  • The library is thinking of using Twitter to reach out to our users.

There are concerns about how secure the Twitter feeds can be. The boss is keen to direct the service to clients rather than the general public. It could be done by protecting the feed and any requests for following have to be manually approved. It does however raise an interesting question. How far can a library market itself to its restricted clientele without attracting other people whom it doesn’t want?

As a former public librarian, I would be happy to provide information to all. Working in a ’boutique library’ (as my first boss here phrased it), means you are focusing a high level of service on a smaller client base. Are we doing ourselves a disservice by being TOO exclusive? The air of exclusivity does not endear us to other departments. Should we make  the public aware of the fact that our organisation does have a library, and no, it’s not just a pretty space with lots of gold on the walls and leather armchairs?

Hmmm… will have to ponder that for a while. Meanwhile on the virtual reference fron, things have taken a turn (a 90 degree turn I think). The virtual reference is to be deferred until our Lotus Notes is upgraded. The new version we will be progressing to has built in RSS feeds, which is what we were wanting to introduce, and a chat facility which we are hoping to use as our mode of delivery. So goodbye Meebo and hello Lotus Notes…

As a champion of Meebo for our service delivery I was vaguely disappointed that it didn’t work out for widgets on our webpages. But the advantages of using Lotus Notes is that

  • everyone uses email- not everyone uses the library
  • there will be more technical support from IT, as opposed to none for Meebo

Finally goodbye Patrick Swayze. You were great in The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing and Donnie Darko and I loved you in Ghost. All guys should see that movie just to realise it’s ok to say I love you.

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