So much fun to be had

I have an assignment for my web operations and publishing subject, in which I have to come up with a site proposal for a website. I have done this before, but largely focusing on the front-end, such as the design and information architecture. This is just as focused on the server, its directories, and any security issues. Pretty exciting! (yes, I am easily excited- you should see me when I get to sleep in until 8am on a Sunday…)

Initially it was to be for a special libraries’ association, but I didn’t really feel wedded to it. So I decided to re-do the first website I ever did, which was about 10 years ago, the site for Library Records. It is pretty much the same, as the owner hasn’t really added much. I can credit my job at the State Library to this site as my prospective employers wanted to know my web experience. One of the guys who looked at the site was impressed at the lineup of artists, which may have been the clincher for the job :). (That and the fact I didn’t like Ricky Martin…).

It is unlikely the new version will be seen by anyone other than my marker and my classmates, but I’m looking forward to doing some constructive work.

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