How wonderful life is when you’re in the world

“Some friends are new, some friends are old, new friends are silver, old friends are gold.”

One aspect of moving to Ballarat which concerned me was losing contact with friends. It’s funny that while I have lost contact with some, other friendships have endured and strengthened despite the distance. I am in contact with the lovely Ms S more regularly now, and I think the onset of children has helped. Commuting to Melbourne allows me to catch up with work colleagues from past and present workplaces.

I have made some lovely friends here in Ballarat, but they still feel new. I can’t tell them everything like I can with my older friends. And I don’t think I could develop a product like these friends have. Being here has made me appreciate the older friendships even more, and whatever time is spent with friends is very precious.

A topsy-turvy night last night, with both children unsettled and requiring lots of cuddles in the middle of the night. Miss BG’s favourite position to cuddle is lying on my chest in bed, which she did three times last night and early this morning. Master BG was requesting songs at 5.30am this morning, so I had to sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle, little Star’ as quietly as possible. It’s at moments like these you heart aches with love for them.

I’m not a casino person, but I would love to attend the 2009 OZ-IA Conference at Sydney’s Star Casino. May if I hopped onto the tables, I would be able to recoup the cost of attending 🙂


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