Collins Street 8am

Started the day off with a walk the entire length of Collins Street, as the sun was too nice to resist. It made for a far more pleasant trip than being a sardine in a suburban train, and I was able to window shop at places like Prada and check out some nice eateries along the way. Lunchtime saw me in Collins Street again and I was able to indulge in another type of gazing at… men in suits.

Smart casual is nice on guys, but the way to my heart is by wearing a suit. This probably started in my teens when I became aware of James Bond and this man in particular:

Sean ConnerySean Connery will always be the best Bond, and I had always vowed that if I had a son he would be called Sean. This was proven to be the case. It may also explain a weakness I have for Scottish accents. Mr Bookgrrl will occasionally roll out his Scottish accent, but only after a few drinks…

It has continued with individuals such as George Clooney. I remember seeing him in Roseanne and ER, but he just takes my breath away when  he is dressed like this:


Despite the formality of the suit, the unbuttoned top button and the loosened tie evokes a casual ease, of having worked hard and smelling manly…

Finally a favourite image of mine. A friend of mine who, when he was getting married, brought a similar photo of Hugh Jackman into the suit hire shop and said “I want to look like him”. And he did scrub up very well 🙂

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

While I am lucky to work in an environment where suits are all I see, you tend to get a bit overwhelmed by all the testosterone and hot air that accompanies them. Which is why I like to see them, walking freely at lunchtime at the top end of Collins Street.

And while on the subject of men in suits, there’s an interesting exhibition at the City Museum entitled Batmania


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