When I get home tonight, I will

1. Bake yet another cake for Miss BG- playgroup are coming to our house for fun, frivolity and lots of processed sugar.

2. Look through this list of User Experience Publications and resources from Nick Finck. His website is worth a look, if only to ooh and ahh over its nice white space, easy navigation and incredibly easy mode of subscribing to his RSS feed. (Not only am I a library nerd, I’m a usability freak as well…)

3. Spend some time with my family.

4. Figure out what to cook for tea (kids are done- it’s just the grownups I have to worry about)

5. Study and figure out config files for an Apache server

6. Sleep for more than five hours (a tad dicey owing to the kids)

Since I have it in writing, I’m hoping it will be accomplished 🙂

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