I am getting quite tired of feeling tired- Miss Bookgrrl has spent the past few nights waking up around 11 and not settling back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Suggestions include she’s too cold, too hot, she has a cold, ear infection, she’s hungry/thirsty or she is teething. My money is on her back molars.

Should bloggers be anonymous? I haven’t gone out of the way to disclose myself or my family, but I’m sure some of my readers know who I am. Reading this article today made me think of the issue of anonymity online and in which circumstances it should be permissible. Whistleblowers- probably so, but if you are going to call someone a skank, don’t be so cowardly and hide behind a mask- or at least, have the evidence to back it up.

And to all the librarians who are here– have a wonderful time, I wish I was there. Next year’s IFLA conference is to be in Sweden- and Mr Bookgrrl has expressed an interest in going there…hmmm :). Well a grrl can dream can’t she?


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