Just like heaven

Clear blue sky, cold crisp day with a hint of warmth from the sun. The mornings are getting lighter, we have cherry blossoms appearing on our tree outside our window, and I’m thinking spring is in the air.

The first spring after my  first winter in Ballarat was joyous, for so many reasons. It meant I had survived winter in Ballarat (no mean feat), the commute to Melbourne was no longer on buses, but TRAINS, and I took a pregnancy test which proved to be positive ( I still remember the look of shock  on Mr Bookgrrl’s face and his loss for words when I told him).

Fast forward five years and I still feel a childish glee with spring around the corner. The kids can play outside more, getting up is a little bit easier, and already I feel my mood is beginning to lighten. So the inevitable questions are- what to wear and what to listen to?

I guess the answer to the first question  is layers, which can be taken off as the day gets warmer. Hat and scarf still necessities if going anywhere near the lake- the wind chill factor is high. A larger bag necessary in Melbourne to stuff said layers if if gets too warm. Another excuse to go bag shopping :).

The second question is slightly more problematic- perhaps more of the Cure’s pop-oriented songs? Lily Allen? Franz Ferdinand? Am open to suggestions peeps!

My workday today finished with a visit to the library and Discovery centre at Museum Victoria. The library serves the scientists who work at the Museum, and their collection is driven by their requests. Their collection is largely dispersed among the building in proximity to the researchers, so the entomology collection is with the entomologists, for example. Much of the collection is print, as the scientists prefer the tangible quality of paper, and some of the sources are so obscure that they are only published in print.

The library oversees the Discovery Centre, which is the contact point for members of the public. Overall a fascinating place- I would have loved to venture further into the vaults to see more of what lies behind the scenes.I’m going to have to pay them a visit soon.


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