There’s a fire within my soul

I remember when Cotton On first openend up in Geelong in 1991, just down from where I worked at Myer. A girl I worked with used to go out with one of the Austins, who established the business. I never really shopped at Cotton On, mainly because their sizes were small, and their kidswear sizing was a bit over the place, making it hard to buy for the kids.

Kinda glad I don’t considering the slogans that until a couple of hours ago, they considered “edgy”, like “I’m a tits man”, “I’m living proof my mum is easy”, and the proverbial straw the broke the camel’s back “They shake me”. With Mia Freedman in her blog declaring she wouldn’t set foot in their stores until the line was discontinued and an apology was issued, Cotton On have acted quickly and withdarawn the line and made an apology.

It also shows the power of bloggers like Mia who reaches thousands of women in Australia and overseas combined with Twitter and Facebook to get a company to back down.

Although these products are intentionally edgy and irreverent, and the succession of this range was driven by demand, the recent attention implies that the slogans in question have crossed the line.

Ya think?

With so many reports of child abuse in the media, you would think a fashion house would not stoop to trivialising this issue to sell a couple of tshirts.

I mean there are so many more things you could put your children into that are cringeworthy- brown and orange together, frilly dresses, when you wanted to climb trees, handknitted jumpers- oops just had a flashback to my childhood in the 70s 🙂


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