Stop the world, I’m getting off

I remember one time in the public library where I first worked, the catalogue going down. In the days before Internet access and web-based catalogues, this was slightly scary. I had to rely on knowledge of Dewey, and professional knowledge to help borrowers locate information or books. What I thought would be slightly scary proved to be somewhat more relaxed. The work I would have otherwise done with the library management system was deferred and the pace was less frenetic and somewhat more enjoyable. This is the way I felt with having an Internet-free day yesterday.

A usual Tuesday progressed- washing, tidying up, walk down the street to the shops and getting tea ready. I read a bit more- in bed with my son early in the morning, and re-read a Harry Potter book in the afternoon. I caught up with some uni reading as well. And the kids enjoyed a few more cuddles and kisses :).

With a fair bit of my uni work involving online interaction, I can’t go for longer, but when uni is over for the semester, it would be nice to switch off for a couple of days and enjoy the serenity.

And on another note, my son dressed himself today. He has done it before, but this was the first time he was able to put his socks on by himself. It’s little milestones like this that make me realise he is growing up. The next milestone we’re working on is to clean up his room…


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