What’s in a name?

Apart from being a library nerd, I am also a plain nerd- not that that has come as a surprise to some.

My overall nerdiness comes from a love of sci-fi- well, some sci-fi. I would be somewhat of a discerning nerd, if there were such a thing. Yes I have watched Star Wars, but am no real fan. I did watch Firefly, but that was because I was more of a Joss Whedon fan than a sci-fi fan. Star Trek is a fave, but only The Next Generation. My true sci-fi love is Doctor Who 🙂

Growing up in country Victoria, we had access to two TV channels, the local TV channel and the ABC. Two things happened- we played outside a lot, and we watched Doctor Who at 6pm every weeknight. Tom Baker was always my favourite childhood Doctor Who, but David Tennant has a certain je ne sai quoi (could be the skinny Scot thing!).  I came across an overview of David Tennant’s appearance at the recent Comic-Con, which gave hints and teasers about the upcoming Dr Who specials.

Which brings me to another nerd confession- attendance at a convention. In my defence I was accompanying my younger brother, who was still a minor. And I felt decidedly out of place, because I wasn’t wearing a costume, or any form of Star Trek regalia. But I did find the whole thing incredibly interesting…

I am also embracing my inner geek with one of my subjects at uni- Website operations and publishing. My involvement with websites has always been their structure, content and to a limited extent their design. I am getting in at the deep end with scripts and servers. Thankfully I am lucky to have so many dear friends who are IT nerds to prevail upon :).

And finally, another person who agrees about librarians being sexy– or at least libraries…


One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. Steph, I am also a Star Trek – Next Generation only – fan! Was really into it while at Uni, and went along to a convention myself :). I went with my younger sister, but in all honesty, she was accompanying me so that I wouldn’t have to go alone. No costumes, but I do have a communicator pin somewhere…

    And Doctor Who – loved it as a kid! Very fond memories of watching it with my grandparents before the ABC News (part of my brain still says it’s bedtime when I hear the ABC News theme!!). Peter Davison was my favourite. I thought he was terribly handsome, and loved the celery stalk on his lapel 🙂

    Have you seen “Time Crash”, a mini-episode filmed for Children in Need, where David Tennant’s Doctor meets Peter Davison’s Doctor? *sigh*

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