What cheeses me off…(and not)

In an ode to a favourite segment of mine from Hey, Hey, it’s Saturday…

What cheeses me off is:

  • People who feel the need to dictate to  individuals and professional library staff what they can and cannot read. As a librarian we value input into collections, but surely you should be more concerned about instilling values into your own children rather than everybody else?
  • Shock jocks who use cheap stunts and have a 14-year old teenager reveal on air her rape. Now I know why I listen to music on my iPod and stick to Triple J.
  • Developers of hotels and department stores who think bigger is better. Glass and chrome don’t really belong at the top end of Bourke Street.
  • Bookstores who have yet to send me textbooks for classes which have already started.
  • Children who won’t stay in bed…

As a counter-balance, what doesn’t cheese me off:

  • Window shopping in Little Collins Street after a fabulous lunch at the Postal Hall- saw the most gorgeous black and white linen shift dress in Anne Thomas- now,  if only I had a spare $550…
  • Re-programming my iPod and having a sublime trip into the 60s with lots of bands beginning with The, as well as Dusty and Aretha. Looking forward to my 70s and 80s trips v.soon.
  • My Hello Kitty slippers- a tattered Mother’s Day present and totally daggy, but very comfortable.
  • Friends who forgive my meltdowns.
  • People who offer to make me a cup of tea (hint, hint Mr Bookgrrl!).

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