Liquid Desire (and lunch)

I had a girly day today; a visit to the Salvador Dali exhibition at the National Gallery, followed by lunch with Ms S.

The exhibition was excellent and enlightening. While I knew of his collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock in Spellbound, I had no idea, for example, that Dali had crafted jewellery. I especially loved his drawings and etchings, which definitely evoked a Renaissance influence. The presence of Gala, his wife and muse, throughout the works was touching. It felt as if his work was a testament of his love for her- a visual love letter.

Am not sure if I’m the muse type; I can be a tad critical and analytical. I would love to be adored like that, but after a while I would want to do my own thing :).

Lunch was at Cookie, a great place to while away the afternoon with a couple of glasses of wine and conversation. Ms S and I conversed on pretty much anything and everything- work, children, husbands and friends. We followed it with browsing at a bookshop and window shopping; salmon pink and lime green seem to be making a comeback (the last time I wore salmon pink was 1987 and am quite happy not to wear it again!).

Great art, great food, great conversation; a very enriching day!

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