By the pricking of my thumbs

A full weekend, visiting my parents in Geelong and going to see the latest Harry Potter with Mr Bookgrrl on Saturday. Master and Miss Bookgrrl were suitably spoiled by grandparents with Timtams, lollies and icecream and heaps of attention lavished upon them.

(Harry Potter not so bad, a large book which had to be condensed into a few screen hours. I remember more snogging, and more emphasis on Quidditch in the book. Will have to re-read it just to make sure- I’m a library nerd, of course I’ve read Harry Potter!)

Sunday was the resumption and completion of pruning and garden work- well, as much as one could do to completely fill a skip full of leaves and prunings. This was squeezed in between a visit to the monthly craft market, two loads of washing and cooking two dinners- tonight and tomorrow night.

I am quite thankful it is over for a while; my hands can only take so much scratches and pricks from rose thorns :(.

All in all, a sense of accomplishment about this weekend. And as Scarlett O’Hara says, Tomorrow is another day…


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