Four seasons in one day

A busy and fruitful day at work. A proposal I had been working on for using and instant messaging client for reference was discussed and approved for a trial. So the fun begins of selling the proposal to library staff, trialling it and training library staff in how to use it. Not too sure if it can be done in the two days a week I’m here, but my Facebook and Twitter status may be permanently set to busy! busy! busy!

And as usual, these type of things come to fruition when you have had a miniscule amount of sleep- about 3 hours last night. Master and Miss Bookgrrl woke up within an hour of each other and I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning, with stuff from the day before churning through my head.

A farewell to a work colleague and friend today, who leaves for warmer climes (Darwin) and full-time study, though not necessarily in that order. I wish her all the very best!

And now, for the weather. People in Melbourne have two obsessions- sport and weather. One of our favourite sites is the Bureau of Metereology radar at work, which is great to see approaching storms. A beautiful start to the day; it was lovely to see the sun touch the Old Treasury building and make the sandstone glow as I was comng in to work. While ruing the fact I left my umbrella at home (not enough room owing to my book- well duh!),  I enjoyed seeing the rain arrive, in torrents, in the afternoon. Am also glad I was wearing my knee-high boots and not shoes, which allowed me to dash across the street to the station :).


5 thoughts on “Four seasons in one day

    • Reference is the interaction between a librarian and a library user who needs information. What we’re planning on doing is using a client like Meebo so we can chat online to library users.

      • That sounds like an excellent idea! Whislt completing my PhD and earlier studies I don’t know how many times I’ve had to stop what I’m doing to personally visit the library to ask a quick question. I hope it works for you!!!

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