Boys don’t cry (but some girls do)

Catharsis- a purgation or purification that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension. From the Greek katharsis, kathairein, katharos to cleanse, purge from. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Cathartic- relating to, or producing catharsis.

Some things which I find cathartic:

  • knitting- calming, great to do while watching tv. Keeps my hand busy.
  • clipping news articles. I did this yesterday while waiting for my pc to be fixed. I wouldn’t necessarily want to do it all the time, and certainly not while wearing a white shirt, but felt calmer after it.
  • music- Satie does it for me.
  • crying. When the tension inside you has built up, and the trickle becomes a flood and you can’t stop. It’s something I don’t do often, and you end up with puffy eyes and a headache, but you feel better, if a little emptier.
  • hot bath. Not as often as would like owing to water restrictions…
  • sex, particularly when you’re tense.

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