Òu est le bibliotheque?

Happy Bastille Day tout le monde!

It is a day of significance- on this day 25 years ago I tasted a croissant for the first time. I remember it being very buttery and flaky and kinda…meh at the time.

The following year for Bastille Bay it was a real French vanilla slice- not the snot blocks with the rubbery custard, but the luscious creamy custard, topped with a flaky pastry heavily coated in icing sugar. It came from a French pastry shop in Moorabool Street, Geelong (long since gone :() and tasted unbelievably delicious. So delicious, it became a tradition to have a vanilla slice on Bastille Day.

It was also a day to indulge in French pop- not Plastique Bertrand (who is Belgian), but some classic Serge.

And another song which gets heavy play on my iPod while waiting for a train at North Melbourne station in the morning- this always makes me smile:

Just goes to show- funny looking guys get the pretty girls as long as they speak French…


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