Smells like the twelfth

Today is the 12th July, the day where the Hottest 100 of all time was played, with the most popular song being ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’.

Another significance for the day is the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, a battle which took place in Ireland in 1690 and commemorates the victory of the Protestant William of Orange’s forces over the pope-sanctioned King James on the banks of the Boyne River.

My parents, as children, used to watch the Orangeman parades in Belfast in the 1950s and loved the spectacle of the Orangemen in their bowler hats and sashes, the colourful banners and the marching bands with the huge drums. Mum remembers sitting on little chairs with her sister in a prime position to watch the march- it didn’t matter that they were Catholic, they enjoyed it!

I don’t think that happens in Belfast any more. The more I have read and studied the conflict in Northern Ireland, the less I understand it, or the motives of people who continue to perpetrate the bigotry, bitterness and hatred that still exists.

Mr Bookgrrl and I visited the Boyne valley en route to Newgrange in 2001. It’s beautiful countryside, and still farmland. We shared the tourist information signs with some curious cows. To me commemorating a battle that happened over 300 years ago is pointless; you can’t go forward if you keep on looking back.

Which is a tad hypocritical, since I have a tendency NOT to listen to new music :P. Now where did I put my Nevermind CD…?


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