Pleasure and pain

A mixed dayof good and not so good happenings.

The good happenings include:

  • getting a pat on the back from my boss for work I had been doing drafting guidelines for our organisation’s new website
  • an interesting information exchange (ok, a gossip session) with a work colleague
  • yummy dumplings for lunch
  • opening my drawer and discovering some nice orange-infused dark chocolate which was dessert
  • the latest Janet Evanovich (guilty pleasure)
  • getting home while it was daylight

The not so great happenings include:

  • a new work PC that turns itself on and off at whim
  • frozen fingers from scraping the frost off the car this morning
  • an unwelcome chatty travel companion on the way home- I learned he was one of 11 children, he was the second best reader in his house and he would die in 10-15 years of some lung disease (did I say he reeked of cigarettes?)
  • having to put the childrne to bed by myself, while Mr Bookgrrl schmoozed with an award-winning writer at local hotel.

Tallying up the pros and cons, and adding I am sitting in comfortable clothes (trakky daks), I’m ahead- huzzah!

I do wonder about karma sometimes- do good things and good things will happen to you. That is probably why I try to be good, except when it comes to chocolate…


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