Something tells me I’m onto something good

I had to have a giggle when I read about a 13 year old who was asked to review the original Walkman. It took him three days to figure out there was another side to the tape. What was hailed as having a ‘simplicity of use’ showed that a great deal of usability lies in the context of how a user interacts with an object, as well as an inherent knowledge and skillset.

I also had an ‘OMG, I’m so old’ moment. I remember when the Walkman came out amd thinking it was so cool. It wasn’t until I was 13 when I got one (a cheap yellow knockoff) for Christmas. I used up my pocket money buying batteries for it to play my mixed tapes, which I had taped off the radio, and my prized Duran Duran ‘Seven and the Ragged Tiger’.

I eventually ended up with a Sony Walkman, bought at the local department store where I worked…in the record department :).

I still have a tape collection- Mr Bookgrrl has an extensive LP, 7 inch and CD collection, so hopefully our children will have some knowledge of how their oldies listened to music.

On another note, am thinking of the cycling fans (tragics) who are doing the long hours on the couch watching the Tour de France. Go to bed- please…

One thought on “Something tells me I’m onto something good

  1. Tim and I have been debating the future of our tape collection, whether to convert the good stuff to mp3 / CD format and chuck the rest…

    But I will always have a record collection. Love my LPs and singles!

    P.S. Ahem, tragics?

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