Once upon a time…

Once upon a time

  • My sister had a poster of Michael Jackson on her wall, wearing a lemon-coloured vest over a white shirt and pants.
  • I went to ballet class wearing a glove on one hand.
  • One of my favourite mixed tapes in 1984 had Thriller as the last track on side two.
  • I loved The Wiz, and I remember him performing the moonwalk for the first time and hearing the audience go crazy.

That’s the way I want to remember him- a musical sensation whose influence is still being felt (watch Justin Timberlake and tell me he hasn’t watched a Michael Jackson video).

I hope his family are okay.


One thought on “Once upon a time…

  1. I had that very same poster, and the fist album I ever bought was Thriller, in fact, I bought it twice because something happened to the first one. But I think that Michael left this coil some time ago…

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