My (Buffy) Generation

I had a huge chuckle with this mashup of Buffy and Twilight (thanks to @sallysetsforth).

Buffy was a huge hit in our household-the writing, the references to pop culture, the strong ensemble cast. It even had a librarian in it! Buffy herself was a strong independent female who fought back with a wooden stake and one-liners.  She had help from her Scooby gang, but she could never be described as a damsel in distress (well except for that Halloween episode where she took on the persona of the princess costume…yes you can tell I am a Buffy geek :)).

It was forwarded to a Twilight fan, who was not impressed, and muttered something about it being “sacreligious”.

I don’t get Twilight. I read all the books, watched the movie, checked out the Twilight website. I really wanted to like it, but it left me cold- not in a vampire way, more in a “there’s not much there”.

I can see a number of positive aspects to the series- the importance of family and the endurance of love. Robert Pattinson is very easy on the eye as well!

But a couple of aspects annoy me

  • Edward- creepy, obsessive, stalker,over-protective.
  • Bella- helpless, passive, obsessed with Edward. It’s not love, it’s a co-dependency.
  • The emphasis on the need to find a “mate”, and always in the heterosexual sense.
  • The emphasis on male as protector and female as protected. It seemed to reflect a very patriarchal, conservative view of the world (especially the whole celibacy aspect).

As for the movie, well they really overdid the white pancake makeup and Pattinson was at best, wooden in his performance.

Is this what women want now? To be helpless and to be protected by a dark, brooding man? Believe me, they’re not great talkers and I would rather have someone who can make me laugh than cry. I would rather be an equal partner rather than an appendage. I would rather be more like Buffy than Bella, to tell the truth.

There is more to romance literature than Twilight- if you want real brooding heroes try Rochester, Heathcliff and Darcy. If you want real heroines that are feisty, headstrong and independent try Jane Eyre, and Elizabeth Bennet- please!


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