You kissed me in the stacks

Today is the winter solstice- shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere, and am in a dark mood. I tend to get a bit grumpy and small things suddenly loom large like messy kid’s bedrooms, anything related to Ben 10, and unanswered emails and texts. I am hoping things are better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

Mr Bookgrrl drew my attention to this article about the links to indie-pop and libraries. The article, which features Camera Obscura, celebrates the similarities between indie-pop and libraries- the geekiness, the obsessiveness of label collecting (Flying Nun, Rough Trade, Library Records), and the number of indie-pop musicians who are librarians (Thankfully, it did not mention the whole concept of geek chic, where you have indie-pop musicians looking alarming like librarians…).

There have also been a number of indie-pop classics which have drawn inspiration from libraries and librarians, with the article mentioning Karen by the Go-Betweens. Fiona Bradley of Blisspix created a page of library songs, where a library or librarians are mentioned. One song not mentioned was Danielle Steel by  The Lucksmiths, a favourite song from a favourite band.

Sadly the Lucksmiths are parting ways, with final shows scheduled in late August. I’ve been lucky to get tickets for their second last show- to be at their last show would be cool- their 2nd last is somewhat…geeky :).


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