Reasons why I am a library nerd (Part 3 of an occasional series)

So, I married a librarian…

…and we met at a library as well. My second day as a librarian, his first day working at the library as a casual. I opened the staff door and there he was. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

No, there was no kissing in the stacks- working at the same library service meant there would have been a yuck factor from staff had we acted all lovey dovey. It carried on when I changed jobs and I would talk to him on the phone. A colleague thought it was weird I was talking to him so formally, but it was a hard habit to break.

He was able to overlook my U2 CD collection and I was able to overlook his collection of cardigans (actually I wasn’t- but they’re long gone…). He introduced me to Joy Division and I introduced him to the joys of Irish whiskey :).

Yes, we talk about books and had an interesting conversation walking up the street this morning about what constitutes a great book, but we are just as likely to talk about music, or politics- or what to do with our little miss when she wakes in the middle of the night.

Today is his birthday. He is having a long weekend to celebrate- festivities planned include roast lamb dinner, a chocolate buttermilk cake, weeding the garden and pruning the roses :).

Happy birthday Mr Bookgrrl. xo


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