You took me to your library…

Vespa near work

Vespa near work

This was the scene that greeted me on my way to work this morning. This Vespa always seem to be parked there- I often wonder who is the lucky owner, and if I could go for a ride 🙂

I had a desk shift this morning, working on a request passed on from the day before. Would not have minded had it not taken the entire morning to do. It was the type of question that you never find a definitive answer- it makes “how long is a piece of string?” sound logical.

My frustration was compounded by a lunchtime shopping expedition for Mr Bookgrrl’s upcoming birthday. I knew what to buy and could not find it for love nor money- grrr….

However, with this view to come back to after lunch, I didn’t feel so bad…

One of our library staircases

One of our library staircases

Can’t you just imagine sweeping down the staircase? In all honesty, they’re quite steep and make for an excellent workout if you climb up and down them.

My first impressions of the library were of a gentlemen’s club, with leather chairs, dark wood and library shelves that reach five metres high. Sad to say it’s a lasting impression…


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