Some useful knowledge Can always be found

My exam for my Interface Usability subject was this morning- which means I am free to read books other than those that are designated textbooks- hurray! I still find it odd that educational institutions think it appropriate for students to sit an exam for 2-3 hours and regurgitate everything they have memorised in a semester- have I learned anything from the subject? Only that whoever drafted the exam couldn’t spell to save his/her life.

Actually it wasn’t that bad- it pretty much reinforced knowledge I knew already  and introduced me to principles I can apply in my job. The major issue I had with the subject was I was expecting more of the assessment to be based on website usability. Instead I was designing handheld games for young children, and vending machines for soft drink. It didn’t help that the text was concerned with…website usability, which made some aspects of the assignments tricky to say the least.

The rest of the day was spent doing things I neglected on the weekend whilst studying- laundry, grocery shopping and cooking. Tomorrow being a cold and sunny day will see me in the garden with the kids weeding and pruning the roses- all 25 bushes…


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