Good Vibrations

Today has been a day where I have been very aware of sound, in both good and bad ways. Being woken up by my the cries of my daughter at 5.45am (on a Saturday! Obviously not aware of sleep-ins) set the tone of the day. Apart from the high-pitched voices of the littlies, I have heard

  • the hum of the central heating
  • the whir of the pc
  • the hiss of the kettle boiling- a fave of mine 🙂
  • the siren at the local footy ground signalling the end of each quarter. Judging from the number of sirens, there must have been about three games played today.
  • The car horns of the spectators at the footy whenever a goal was scored during the seniors match- and it was a pretty high-scoring game too!
  • Mr Bookgrrl playing guitar- new songs and old;
  • silence at the library when I was there studying- combined with a sense of peace. Very comforting, and warm, like my daggy trakkies and cardigan;
  • silence of the children- not so comforting as they’re up to no good, which proved to be the case!

All in all, a typical Saturday in wintry Ballarat.

p.s. Some heartening news regarding French plans to halt piracy on the web thwarted by the Constitutional Council. ‘Les sages’ decreed that “free access to public communication services online” is a human right, and that tracking people’s internet activity was a breach of privacy. Vive la France!

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