I don’t like cats- does that make me less of a librarian?

An excerpt from Connie Lanter’s Tumblr reminded me of the time I had to take Mr Bookgrrl to the doctor after he was attacked by “Fluffy”, a neighbour’s ginger tom. Monty had run inside the house as Mr Bookgrrl arrived home and attacked while he was being shooed outside. I arrived home to find the victim bravely washing his bloodied, scratched and bitten hands saying “’tis but a scratch” “I’ll kill that f***ing animal- I’ll be ok” all the while going whiter by the minute.

The nurse and doctor at the local clinic who disinfected, bandaged and sutured his hands saw the funny side. So did I until I saw them putting stitches into his right hand- I got a bit light-headed and had to leave the room. With his hands looking like a mummy’s, I had to take the day off from work to look after him. I can still hear the howls of laughter from my workmates when I explained that my husband, the cat lover, was attacked by “Fluffy”.

So, the gist of that story is- I’m not overly fond of cats. My husband still is, but then again he is a librarian 🙂


One thought on “I don’t like cats- does that make me less of a librarian?

  1. Tim has a scar on his upper lip from a clash with Binky the poodle – it also makes a great story when I tell people how he got it 😉

    We both thought we were dog people until our cat, Roxy, adopted us. Now cats come up and say hello when we go walking. It never used to happen, but now they know we’ve been converted.

    Earlier this year I found out about the existence of library cats (http://www.ironfrog.com/catsmap.html). Now it is my goal to work in a library with a resident cat – that’s a worthy career goal isn’t it? 🙂

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