Reasons why I am a library nerd (Part 2 of an occasional series)

I am not a library nerd in the classic book sense. I do not fall in a heap when a new version of Dewey is released, for example. I do however enjoy organizing things, particularly online. That is probably the reason why I am studying Information Architecture.

When I first started studying librarianship, I was about three weeks into the course when it clicked in my brain and it felt “right”. I was never the ‘ever since I was three I wanted to be a librarian’ type. I had played school with my toys and a recalcitrant younger sister who never did what she was told.  Yet when it came time to do further study after my undergraduate degree, my friends who were recent teaching graduates were largely unemployed, and librarianship offered a marginally better employment rate than publishing…

So I had the same click in my brain when I first started studying Information Architecture. It has followed on from my dabbling in web design, writing web content, usability testing, and website/intranet upgrades.

I like to think my experience as a librarian in a public library has made me appreciate the need to structure online information so anyone can access it easily and intuitively- is that nerdy enough for you?

A great look at Dilbert from a user-experience perspective from 90 percent of everything


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